Your Own Wild Chairy

Together with Andrea, create a piece of functional art unlike anything else.

In this collaborative design process, you are the inspiration. Together, you and Andrea will discover and define your vision: what you would like your Wild Chairy to say, how would you like to feel, what colors and textures delight and resonate deeply in your soul?


While Andrea guides your design with her unique vision – recommending the fabrics, details, and embellishments for your piece – you choose only what you love. Your vision is then brought carefully to life by the artist and her craft.

The finale is a reinvention, your vision in a riot of color: beautiful, fearless, and wild.

Notable clients, such as actor and producer Téa Leoni, call upon Andrea as a designer, inspired by her ability to push boundaries and see style differently.  This set of chairs are Téa's, designed by Andrea with an artist to create abstract oils on canvas for the chairbacks:


To begin, choose a treasured chair of your own, or one that calls out to you from Andrea’s collection of frames.