The craft

Wild Chairy rebuilds and refinishes each chair by hand, employing the old world techniques of upholsterers of a by-gone era.  

It is Andrea’s deliberate choice to revive the individuality of vintage furniture and hold quality as the highest standard, rather than choose the ease of pre-made mass-production. 


The highest quality materials of the past remain those most sustainable for the future: wool, horse hair, and Italian twine tied by hand.


Andrea starts by taking every chair down to its bare bones before building it back up again.

First she creates the seat, stretching webbing across the bottom of the frame.  Then Andrea meticulously eight-way hand-ties coil springs on top of the webbing – pulling and tying the twine as tightly as possible to create a seat that’s sturdy and built to last.  


For support and softness, Andrea covers the springs with burlap before adding piles of springy horsehair, the cushioning of choice for upholsterers of the past – and the environmentally friendly selection for the present. 


For seating that will last for generations, Andrea hand-sews the horsehair into the burlap.  Thick natural cotton follows to build up the seat, then a layer of muslin to shape it.  The interior is covered by 100% wool before Andrea dresses the chair in its final fabrics. 

Wild Chairy's beauty blossoms not only from its colorful exterior, but also its environmentally conscious heart, the history in its soul, and the artist’s loving care.